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Volvo 240 Adjustable Torquerods Kit

€ 99,00 (including VAT)
This item is not in stock and will not be made. See the page "update 2022" for more info!

Have you lifted or lowered your 240? It will be a good idea to make your torquerods adjustable. Due to the geometery of the rear axle, the wheels will not be nicely seated in the middle of the rear wheel arches. One of the things you can do to solve this is to make the torquerods shorter or longer.

With this kit you can easily do this yourself. You just remove both rods from the car, cut and remove a piece of the bar and weld in the new bushes. Then you can adjust the bars with only one wrench without ever having to remove the bars or to have your car on a lift.

Contents of this kit:

2 x M16 threaded rod with left and right handed threads
4 x M16 short locknuts with left and right handed threads
4 x M16 weldable bushes

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