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Volvo 240 Adjustable Panhard Bar Kit

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Did you lower or lift your 240? Then you probably need to make your panhard bar adjustable. Due to the change in ride height, the bar will be too long and therefor the whole rear axle will shift to the right (seen from behind the car). Apart from the alignment being off, it also limits your options to have your wheels properly fitted to the arches.

With this kit you can make your current panhard bar adjustable. No need to buy an expensive aftermarket bar. You just cut your own panhard bar and weld in these specially made threaded bushes. You can then adjust the panhard bar with one wrench without having to remove the bar or even jack up the car. Just loosen the two locknuts and you're able to adjust the panhard bar.

Contents of this kit:

1 x M16 threaded rod with left and right handed threads
2 x M16 short locknuts with left and right handed threads
2 x M16 weldable bushes

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