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Spring Seats Rear Axle (set of two)

€ 20,00 (including VAT)
This item is not in stock and will not be made. See the page "update 2022" for more info!

The original spring seats on the rear support arm of a Volvo 240 are very thin. These seats have a small studs pressed in that will get loose after a few years. When this happens you better get the angle grinder out, since it will take probably an hour to get that stupid thing out.

Therefor you better upgrade these seats to this upgraded version. Made from 3mm thick steel (unpainted) and with a nice thick M12 bolt and nut on which you can put two wrenches and you'll never have this problem again.

And yes, originally the studs is an M10 thread, but the hole in the support arm is 12mm, so these bolts also fit. Better than original.

Installation instruction: the seats are indeed a little lower than the spring, but this is intentional. You have to tighten the seat down untill it deforms. This makes the disc a little conical, which helps keep it in place better.

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