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2" Trackwidth Spacers

€ 120,00 (including 21% VAT)

These trackwidth spacers are need for driftcars and lifted volvo's. When raising a 240 the wheels get a nasty positive camber angle causing the car to drive less optimal. And it looks stoopid. With this set you bring the wheels out 2 inch on each side and they get an aggressive negative camber and let the car handle much better.

Another big advantage is that the wheels can turn all the way again and don't rub the inside of the car anymore. Even when mounting 235 wide offroad tires as on my yellow 240.

This kit consists of 10mm thick support arm spacers and machined spacers for the steering rack rod ends.

Specially designed for toughness. Featuring lock nuts and spring washers for double securing of the spacers.

This kit is 100% bolt-on and requires only 2 cuts with an angle grinder (the original rod ends need to be shortened with 10mm).

Warning! For offroad use only and use at your own risk! Make sure to check your local laws to see if it is legal to modify the suspension of your car in this way.

These kits are built to order. Production time 7-14 days.

Also, I need to check shipment costs for your country if they are not available in the checkout. Please send me a mail for the shipping costs and I'll check it as soon as possible.

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