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3" liftkit

€ 425,00 (including VAT)

Minimal welding required on the front struts, the rest is 100% bolt-on!

I made a special page with all the questions and answers regarding my lifted 240 in the pictures.

This kit consists of:

  • 3" spacer for the rear springs
  • 3" and 4" spacer for the rear shocks
  • 3" tube to weld into the front struts (specially machined high-quality steel tube)
  • 3" insert for the front struts to space the shock
  • 2" spacer to move the front swaybar down
  • Spraypaint in a color of your choice (if I can not get the color you have chosen, I'll contact you with an alternative)
  • 2" spacers for the front support arms and steering rods
  • Installation instructions in Dutch and English


De Premium Deluxe version of the Lift Kit contains all the parts you need to make the installation of the lift kit as easy as possible and the end result a lot better. The bushings in a 240's suspension are often degraded, since it's an old car and degraded bushings have a very bad effect on the driveability of your lifted 240. Therefor it's recommended to replace all bushings in your front suspension. Also new brakelines and -hoses are very good to have newm since they often break when trying to remove them. And it's never a bad idea to replace them after all these years of service anyways.

Premium Deluxe Lift Kit contains (volvo part nubers):

  • 2 x Swaybar Link set (1205926)
  • 2 x Steering Knuckle Febi Bilstein (1330820)
  • 4 x Rubber bushing front support arms (1273778 + 13598122 + 1205825 + 1205825)
  • 2 x Track Rod End Febi Bilstein (1205658)
  • 2 x Bushing for 21mm swaybar (12229301)
  • 4 x Brakehose clamp (12229350)
  • 4 x Solid Brakelines (12229859)
  • 4 x Brakehoses (1229347)
  • 1 x Bad Decision Works Volvo 240XC badge

Warning! For offroad use only and use at your own risk! Make sure to check your local laws to see if it is legal to modify the suspension of your car in this way.

These kits are built to order. Production time 7-14 days for the liftkit-only version. If you want the kit to be powdercoated I rely on another company. Normally they have a processing time of about 10 workdays. I try to keep as many parts in stock as possible, but if you want to get an estimate of the production time, please send me an e-mail.

Also, these kits are quite heavy and I need to check shipping costs for your country if they are not available in the checkout. Please send me a mail for the shipping costs and I'll check it as soon as possible.

Installation manual: click here to open the installation manual.

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