2022 will be a very special year for me, and therefor also for Bad Decision Works. Me and my girlfriend will be moving from The Netherlands to Sweden. As you can imagine moving to the other side of europe is a intense and busy undertaking. Since BDW is a side-project for me, next to a fulltime and stressfull job as developer I have to scale down the BDW efforts during 2022 to make sure the move goes well and I stay sane 😅

A small FAQ regarding the move in 2022 (email me if you have any unlisted questions!):

Custom orders?

I have stopped producing custom orders since last november when I started my new job. Custom stuff was the majority of the orders and stopping this gave me enough breathingroom to run BDW next to the fulltime job.

Can I still order parts from the webshop?

Yes, for now. But only stuff I have in stock. Each product in the webshop should display availability. If it says a product is sold out, I don't have it in stock anymore and I will not make new ones before I have the workshop back up and running in Sweden.

Will you continue in Sweden?

Yes! But sadly I cannot tell you when or how. We will be renting a house without a workshop possibility for the first year. I will try my best to either create a suitable workshop space or rent one close to where we live, but I cannot guarantee this. Also I need some time to figure out how to start a company in Sweden, find a suitable accountant, etc, etc. 

When will BDW go "on pause"?

I will keep the workshop and the webshop up and running as long as possible. The planned schedule for scaling down is as follows:

  • Selling and shipping all products (including the ones that are made to order): until 15th of june.
  • Selling and shipping products from stock (liftkits, spacers, etc): until 15th of july.
  • Completely on pause during the move: 16th of july - 1st of september.
  • Workshop back up and running: to be determined.
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